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I-15 Express Lanes Design-Buld Project

I-15 Express Lanes from Cajalco Road and SR-60 include but not limited to adding two tolled express lanes in both directions and includes the widening of bridges and construction of six soundwalls. This design-build project will provide multiple entry and exit points within the 15 Express Lanes and extend Riverside County’s express lane network. This design-build project will be built within the existing median. Project will add the following benefits: improve existing and future mobility along the I-15 corridor, reduce congestion and improve traffic operations, provide a time-saving travel choice with multiple entry/exit points, expand the regional express lane network, and increase travel time reliability. Project include but not limited to the following construction activities: excavation, backfill, subgrades preparation, bridge construction, field survey, SWPPP monitoring, PCC and HMA paving, sound wall construction, foundation construction including piles, IP testing and grinding, overhead sign structures, traffic control, and striping. Construction 2018—2020 – Cost $471 Million.