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Haller Wash Bridge No. 54-1300R

Haller Wash Bridge No. 54-1300R at P.M. R95.14 is a pre-cast pre-stressed bulb tee girder single span bridge 120’-0” on Abutments with spread footings over a wash. R. Bersbach’s responsibility for this bridge is Verify Approach/Departure grades profile for Concrete Barrier Rail Type 736 and determined must grinds for deck profile.

SYRUSA performed field work by inspecting rebar, forms, concrete, perform CT Test Methods for concrete cylinders/penetration tests, SWPPP issues, survey, and placement of Methacrylate deck treatment. Office work R. Bersbach performed were develop grades using 4-Scale, maintain project files, update logs for rebar, compaction and concrete pour record, provide daily reports for field activity, and submittal review.