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On-Call Construction Management Services (07A3260 & 07A3261) Los Angeles, California

SYRUSA Engineering, Inc. is a subconsultant to Hill International for Caltrans District 7’s On-Call Construction Management Contract. SYRUSA is augmenting Caltrans District 7’s Construction Division with a wide range of positions including assistant resident engineers, field electrical engineers, landscape field architects, office engineers, office technicians, schedule engineers, and constructability reviewers.  Our personnel review and inspect traffic control systems for lane closures.  We provide complete services for preparing and processing all documentation required.  This includes preparing progress estimates, change orders, daily reports, filing, drafting correspondence, etc.  Our personnel work on various shifts to fulfill the contract needs.  All personnel have been trained in safety procedures and are equipped with safety equipment.

These two contracts include over 45 projects. Under EA 0725060 SYRUSA is providing construction of soundwalls with masonry block, EA 0727860 includes soundwalls construction, and EA 074T580 and 0729210 provides maintenance safety.  EA 0728270 includes vine planting enhancement, EA 0727930 requires installing pavement delineators, install traffic signal, and under EA 0728730 SYRUSA is providing storm water source controls.

Scope of Work:

SYRUSA is providing Quality Assurance Inspection, Contract Administration, Construction Management, Office Engineering, Construction Reviews, Scheduling and Claim Analysis, and Final Estimates.

The work on Routes 2, 14, 39, 101, 118, 138, 210, 110, 126, 134, 170, and I-5.