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Our Projects

Auto Center Drive Grade Separation

SYRUSA Engineering, Inc. provided resident engineering, structure representative, office engineer, and QSD services to the City of Corona for their Auto Center Drive Grade Separation Project. project will provide better access onto Auto Center Drive, reduce traffic congestion at the existing at-grade crossing, and improve safety. The project included construction of a new bridge over BNSF’s two rail tracks to mitigate the increasing traffic. Auto Center Drive was elevated to connect to the new structure using MSE walls and retaining walls type one. This project is in an environmentally sensitive area within the right of way of Prado Dam and the flood plain of the Santa Ana River. The project also included jacking of sewer line under the railroad tracks as well as reclaimed water. In addition, the project required street improvements including the construction of 16” DIP water line, improvement to businesses, street lights, and traffic signal for West Corona Metro Station. Additionally, the project required improvements to West Corona Metro Station. Our personnel reviewed and inspected traffic control systems for lane closures. We provided complete services for preparing and processing all documentation required. This includes preparing progress estimates, change orders, daily reports, filing, drafting correspondence, etc. Our personnel work on various shifts to fulfill the contract needs.