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Meet Our Team

Faisal M Zahlout, PE

Senior Vice President

Mr. Zahlout earned his BSCE from Tishreen University and in 1997 earned his MSCE from California State University Fullerton, where he later became an instructor in the Civil Engineering Department for several years. Prior to joining SYRUSA Engineering, Inc. in 2009 Faisal worked as a Senior Bridge Engineer with the California Department of Transportation and taught many training courses for Caltrans, giving him extraordinary insight into how to execute plans and specifications. Additionally, with more than 30 years experience in the industry in both the public and private sector, Mr. Zahlout has vast knowledge of all aspects of both preparation and execution of any task he is presented with.

Abdel (Abbot) Alahmad, BSCE, PE CA/AZ/KY, NCEES.

Abdel earned his bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas Arlington and has over 30 years engineering experience including construction management, project administration, and design on numerous transportation projects across the country. Abdel has worked with the FHWA, Caltrans, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, OCTA, Jacksonville Transportation Authority, Florida DOT, MTA, KYTC, INDOT. Mr. Alahmad began working for SYRUSA in June, 2015 on Haller Rojo And Clipper Valley Wash Bridges in Needles as an Assistant Structure Representative, and most recently served as a Construction Inspector on Corona Storm Water Line 52.

Basil Abbas, MSCE, EIT.

Basil received his Master of Science in Civil Engineering from Youngstown State University, Ohio in 1991. After graduation Basil worked for Tabbara Housing Construction in Youngstown Ohio overseeing the build of 50 luxury homes. In 1999 he moved to California to begin his career as a Transportation Engineer for Caltrans, working on design and construction projects from the Central Valley to the Bay Area. In 2008 Basil returned to his hometown of Damascus, Syria to work on various residential and industrial projects before moving on to various positions abroad. In 2015 Mr. Abbas returned to California to begin work with SYRUSA as a Construction Inspector/Engineer on CA – 91 Widening project in Corona as well as on the Mojave and 395 project in the City of Adelanto.

Ryan Vantine BSSE, MSSE, EIT

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts. Ryan earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of Connecticut in 2013 and his Master of Science in Structural Engineering from UCLA in 2014. While attending university. Ryan spent a year and half working on post-construction bridge and tonal inspection. Mr. Vantine began working for SYRUSA in Sep, 2014 as Assistant RE/Inspector on Highway 138 in Palmdale and as a Construction Inspector on Mojave and 395 in Adelanto. Currently Mr. Vantine serves as Assistant RE on CA-101 Improvement projects throughout Los Angeles County.

Ali Khorasani, BSEE, EIT

Mr. Khorasani received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Fresno State University in 1982. Upon graduation Ali joined Caltrans as an Assistant Electrical Engineer until 2014. Ali is well versed in electrical construction inspection of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) field elements such as ramp metering, traffic signals, MVDS, CCTV, CMS, HAR, TMS, fiber optic communications, TMC related elements, and the wireless communication system.   He has worked on numerous projects across Southern California providing design review, concurrence with Caltrans Standard Plans, Standard Specifications, and Special Provisions. His construction project experience includes the widening of Route 91 from Route 55 to the 241 in Orange County involving the installation and monitoring of MVDS and ramp metering installation, and the design build project of Route 22 consisting of ramp metering, TMS, and communication with TMC installation. He also worked on the 5 Freeway Gateway Project installation of monitoring systems and signals, ramp metering, and fiber optic communication installation. Since joining Syrusa in 2016 Ali has been working on projects on the 710 and 10 Freeways in Los Angeles County converting existing ramp carpool lanes to metered, modifying concurrent ramp metering to a staggered operating system, converting the communication system to fiber optics, and IP implementation.

Robert Bersbach, BSCE, MSCE, EIT

Robert first joined SYRUSA as an Office Engineer on the award winning Auto Center Drive Great Separation Project for the city of Corona. Robert is currently working on SB CB Kane Rest Area in Barstow California as an Assistant Structure Representative. Mr. Bersbach is certified in many CT methods and has extensive experience with underground utilities, bridge construction, grading, retaining walls, roadway and electrical projects.